Approval of the product Järnsackaros Rechon (Iron Sucrose injection) by the Swedish MPA

"We are very pleased to announce that today, on the 14 of March, 2012, Rechon received approval from the Swedish Medical Products Agency for Järnsackaros Rechon. This is a great milestone for us! Now our work with our distribution partner will intensify and we will also plan for further expansion on a global front for Rechon Iron Sucrose injection." says Roland Holmqvist, CEO of Rechon Life Science AB.
About Järnsackaros Rechon
Iron Sucrose is an intravenous formulation of iron, used for the treatment of Iron Deficiency. Järnsackaros Rechon is developed as a generic product to Venofer and the market for intravenous iron is large and growing. 
About Rechon Life Science
Rechon Life Science is a pharmaceutical company developing and producing high value pharmaceutical products with manufacturing operation in Sweden. The company can offer customers the entire process of contract manufacturing of aseptic vials, ampoules and syringes as well as oral and nasal sprays from small scale batches for clinical trials up to full-scale commercial production and supply to markets worldwide including the US, Japan and Europe. Rechon Life Science AB is now providing various services to several US and European pharmaceutical, biotech and life science companies. Please visit for more information.
For more information please contact:
Roland Holmqvist, CEO
Rechon Life Science AB
Phone: +46 709 48 24 24