Change in Site Management at Rechon Life Science

The CEO of Rechon Life Science AB, Anders Ulfhielm, announced earlier this year that he would leave Rechon for other challenges on June 30th.

Anders will now pass on the responsibility to Roland Holmqvist, Head of Finance & Logistics of Rechon, and Roland will from July 1st be the Acting CEO of Rechon. 


The other members of the Site Management team, beside Roland Holmqvist; Hans Jeppsson, Head of Manufacturing and Christina Aston, QP and Head of Quality Assurance & Quality Control, will continue their assignments as before.



Anders, tell us a little about the journey the company has made since you started in 2003 

“When I started, we were a manufacturing unit part of a larger company. When this company wanted to close us down and move the manufacturing abroad, we saw the opportunity to make this into something bigger. We knew the immense knowledge and experience of all personnel and the fine facilities and equipment at the site – it was just too good to close down.  

Dr George Li from Dongbao Group, was in contact with us since Dongbao was interested to expand in Europe, and January 1st 2007 Rechon Life Science AB was established. 

I am confident that Rechon has a prosperous future and I will continue to follow its journey. I will let the management team and a new CEO manage that trip together with all the skilled personnel at Rechon and Dongbao.”


Roland, what can you say about the journey and the future of Rechon?

“Ever since the beginning of Rechon, in 2007, we have seen the growing interest in out-sourcing both manufacturing and analytical and quality services. The unique and broad competence of Rechon; to be able to support and contribute all the way from Clinical Services throughout development, scale up and commercial supply is our real strength. Along with our manufacturing services, Rechon is building up its own pharmaceuticals.

With a strong owner as Dongbao, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies of China, we have many exciting opportunities to explore. I will, as Acting CEO and together with my team, continue to work with our customers, products and projects.”