Making a difference together

At Rechon, our hearts beat as one for our customers. In supporting them, together we ensure beneficial medicines get to market where they make a difference. We’re proud of our team and the high commitment to getting better together and achieving our goals.

Dynamic and diverse

Rechon is a dynamic, growing company – constantly adapting to meet our customer needs. For us, diversity is strength. With a variety of competencies, backgrounds, and perspectives, we can serve our industry today and shape its future.

We’re always looking for new colleagues who bring needed skills, ideas and perspectives to our team.

Get a glimpse into Rechon

Want a quick look into working at Rechon? What better way than through the experiences of our colleagues – told in their own words. Explore perspectives below from across a variety of departments.

Victoria Mahmod

Senior Project and Validation Manager
Projects & Validation

How long have you worked at Rechon?
I have worked in the pharma industry for 23 years, of which the last four years at Rechon.

Why work at Rechon?
I believe that the work we do makes a difference. To help our customers develop medicines, create treatments, and save lives worldwide is definitely rewarding.

How does it feel to work at Rechon?
Rechon provides an open culture where everyone is approachable and different viewpoints are respected. It’s a place where contributions are recognized and rewarded. Opportunities are available to take on additional responsibilities and to develop professionally.
It feels nice to work at a company where you are valued.

Why is Rechon a great employer?
Here we have a really nice interaction with one another. There is room for everyone’s personality, ethnicity, and culture. Rechon wants to work with sustainability that includes sustainable environment, as well as equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Beba Larsson

SHE Manager

How long have you worked at Rechon?
I started to work at Rechon in the beginning of 2021, but have worked in the pharma industry for 21 years.

Why work at Rechon?
I love working in a creative environment with something not only important for me, but for all people. Improving human health and sustainability is something I am passionate about, which I have opportunity to work with at Rechon.

How does it feel to work at Rechon?
At Rechon, many creative, talented, and positive people work together towards common goals that inspire and motivate for future challenges.

Why is Rechon a great employer?
Knowledge and experience are of great importance, and Rechon gives all employees the opportunity to develop their skills by offering varied tasks in different working areas, which makes a person’s work interesting. Also, environment, health, and safety are important for Rechon.

Emil Liddell

Team Manager
Bulk Production

What’s your work experience background?
I’ve worked in the pharma industry for six months, and before that I worked in the packaging industry.

Why work at Rechon?
Rechon is a safe workplace in a growing phase – a journey you do not want to miss.

How does it feel to work at Rechon?
Working at Rechon allows me to develop and be stimulated every day.

Why is Rechon a great employer?
We have many good benefits at Rechon, including wellness grants and good training opportunities.


Join our team

Adaptability is key for our dynamic company. So we regularly seek new teammates to add vital skillsets and perspectives. We’ll post available opportunities here. Apply directly or check back anytime for new openings.