Developing with you all the way

We take a holistic approach to development. From the first clinical batches to commercial supply, our goal is to serve you. Rechon’s experienced project organization manages each project in close collaboration with our customers.

Our experience is yours

For us, process development is a natural process. Yet, it takes an incredible amount of expertise, precision, and experience to make it happen. From those first small-scale batches in vials to transferring the product into high-speed filling lines for syringes and cartridges. Then ultimately moving into the final form, such as autoinjector or pen. After supporting countless customers throughout the different development stages, we’ve developed a unique project management system.

Built over decades, our advantages become yours instantly:

Documentation – experience with early-stage process set up and supply for phase I-III, as well as supporting with documentation for registration of commercial products in US, EU and worldwide

Capacity – facilities and equipment to manufacture products, with similar processes, from small-scale development batches to full-scale commercial supply

Expertise – long experience in handling a large variety of substances – both highly potent, controlled substances and biotech products – with a high focus on SHE as well as cross contamination prevention

Design – expertise in design of manufacturing process and choice of primary packaging material, as well as different types of development work such as compatibility studies and photostability

Technology transfer – extensive experience working with different types of technology transfer projects:

    • From customer R&D to Rechon production for early development batches
    • From customer production to Rechon production, for clinical as well as commercial supply
    • Set up of commercial packaging process for new products as well as new markets

Our structured approach to technology transfer of processes and methods is proven across many projects. Yet our aim is to continuously improve. Based on new experiences and requirements, we adapt to always deliver the best solution for our customers.

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