Your Rechon manufacturing team

Manufacturing at Rechon offers you high-tech filling in clean rooms from Grade A to D. Yet the heart of it all is our team – who quickly become your team. The experts in Rechon’s manufacturing department fulfil a complete knowledge range for aseptic filling of ampoules, vials, cartridges, syringes, and non-sterile nasal/oral spray.

Serving from small scale to large-scale bulk manufacturing

Whether you need commercial-scale batches or small-scale development and clinical trial batches, we’re ready to serve with:

    • Non-GMP early development material
    • Manufacturing of clinical trial material, according to cGMP
    • Manufacturing and filling of commercial products according to cGMP

Manufacturing of bulk products is divided into three different processes. Each includes specialized and certified operators.

Compounding and sterile filtration

Go all the way from first clinical batch to the final commercial batch size. At Rechon, you can take advantage of compound and sterile filtration batch sizes from 1 to 400 litres. Also choose from single-used material or product-dedicated equipment, e.g., tanks/vessels, tubes.


Aseptic filling accommodates different containers and volumes – from less than 0.15 up to 10 ml. Depending on your needs, we offer various filling lines for filtered solutions.

Ampoules, vials, and cartridges – bulk filling lines, including rinsing machine, sterilisation tunnels and filling and sealing, with varying capacities from a few thousand/hour up to 18,000 pcs/hour

Syringes – ready-to-fill syringes and high-speed filling line equipped with automated bag and tub opener

Non-sterile spray products – vials blown with compressed air prior to filling

Visual inspection

All injection products receive a 100% visual inspection. The majority are handled in any of the fully automated or semi-automated inspection machines. However, some small-scale batches of unique formats receive a manual visual inspection.

Explore options for development services as well