Putting it all together – the art and science of packaging

Packaging is both art and science. It protects, informs, and attracts all at once. From design to assembly and labelling, we’re used to working with complex products for all markets worldwide. At our cGMP packaging facility in Limhamn, we can serve your packaging needs from small-scale to large-scale batches.


Rechon offers several different assembly lines. Some are dedicated to a specific autoinjector, and some are combi machines handling various autoinjectors and pen systems. Assembly is continuously expanding, and includes:

    • Fully automated assembly of plunger rods, finger grips, etc.
    • Assembly capability for safety devices, both manual and fully automated
    • Assembly machines for autoinjectors and pen devices such as Ypsomate, Molly, and Unopen

Labelling and packaging of commercial products

The packaging lines can process vials, ampoules, cartridges, syringes, autoinjectors, pen devices, tubes, nasal and oral sprays, etc. While we pack low-volume products manually, we package most of our products using fully or semi-automated packaging lines.

High-speed lines feature fully automatic printing and vision systems. All labels, leaflets and cartons are inspected with a vision system. Packaging lines also have automated application of tamper seals and in-line weighing.

Rechon offers serialization/aggregation worldwide including EU, US, China, Russia, and Middle East according to ISO/IEC 15415. New markets are continuously added. We can handle and process serialization data with several different customer systems. Compatible with aggregation and labelling according to GS1 standards, etc.

Clinical packaging services

Rechon can support with packaging for clinical use as well as design of packaging materials. We can handle packaging for both open and blind studies, including randomisation. Clinical packaging happens in close collaboration with our QA department.

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