Rigorous laboratory quality control

We’ve developed strong quality control measures and procedures across our whole operation. The laboratory is where quality is verified. With our Chemical Laboratory and our Microbiology Laboratory, we can offer extensive expertise for quality control.  

Quality Control Chemical Laboratory (QCC)

Our analytical chemists have extensive knowledge and experience – offering you support in the analytical requirements from early development stage to commercial.

You can choose from long list of chemical control laboratory services for drug development projects and commercial drug products, including:

    • Method establishment (adjustment, validation, transfer) according to ICH guidelines
    • Stability testing and storage according to ICH guidelines
    • Characterisation of products during development
    • Release testing of products
    • Raw materials testing according to pharmacopoeias: Ph Eur, USP, JP, BP
    • Container, packaging materials, and label testing
    • Shipping studies

Quality Control Microbiology Laboratory (QCM)

Production hygienists in Rechon’s Microbiological Quality Control group are specialists in aseptic work technology and production hygiene. With extensive knowledge and experience in microbiology and determination of microorganisms, our analysts put their know-how at your service.

QCM offers highly specialized knowledge and practical application for:

    • Environmental monitoring
    • Aseptic work technology
    • Production hygiene
    • Media filling
    • Microbiological determinations according to Pharmacopeia – such as bioburden, specified microorganisms, bacterial endotoxin, and container closure integrity – for raw materials, semi-finished products, and certain packaging materials

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