Farther, faster together

At Rechon, we want to see every beneficial medicine reach the market. And we feel the responsibility of that deeply. Scientists, doctors, researchers, and innovators often have an uphill road to market. They need support that will stay with them – every step, all the way. Support that also lightens the load so they can go farther, faster. That’s at the heart of our vision and values.

Our vision

We’ll know we’ve reached our goal when we are recognized for safeguarding our customers’ long-term success.

Our core values

Commitment for success

Passionate for what we do, we dedicate ourselves to our customers’ visions. Fearlessly, we dare necessary decisions and actions, allowing ourselves to make mistakes on the way. In our constant quest forward, we take time to be proud of our achievements every day.

Focus on quality

With strong commitment, we focus on quality in every aspect of what we do. Looking for new ways when the old ones don’t measure up is natural for us. Doing anything less than everything is simply not a choice when it comes to safeguarding people’s health.

Resilience to go all the way

Coming close to the finishing line is nowhere near the goal when you work to benefit people’s lives. That is why we never ever resign or give up, even in the worst of setbacks. With pragmatic mindsets we always find the right solution and get the job done. Every. Single. Time.

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