Why Rechon is for you

Simply put, why Rechon is for you is because we are FOR you. 100 percent. Everything we do is to safeguard your success through your product’s whole commercial lifecycle – from Phase I development through validation, manufacturing, packaging, and labeling of commercial products.

Supplying success

From our manufacturing plant in Limhamn, Sweden, we serve customers all over the world. So we know that success across the globe and across specialties can take many different shapes. Standards differ. Requirements change constantly. Individual challenges vary. With decades serving the industry, we understand what it takes to push through the unexpected to achieve success.

Thanks to efficient project management, and a highly automated FDA-approved plant, we help bring products to market faster with right quality and at a lower cost. All guided by deep core values: commitment for success, uncompromising quality, and resilience to go all the way.


Lifecycle thinking

Rechon Life Science specializes in contract manufacturing of aseptic compounding and filling of ampoules, vials, cartridges, pre-filled syringes, and non-sterile spray products. Yet the real heart of it all is lifecycle thinking. We know how to transform technologies and formulations into validated, approved pharmaceuticals and medical products that exceed every expectation.

Adaptive project management

Each project is unique. Our project management approach is designed to adapt best practices and standards to each case – creating clear objectives, a defined schedule, and full cost allocation. With a structured process, we move quickly and reduce costs while enhancing the end product and fulfilling project objectives.

To accelerate success in our process, we offer:

    • State-of-the-art production technology
    • Automated compounding systems
    • High-speed specialties lines
    • Continuously monitored facilities

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Quality is success

Quality matters. And when it comes to human health, it’s everything. So much so that quality is a core value in everything we do. Our entire process, from compounding to filling, takes place in closely controlled, carefully monitored clean rooms that meet or exceed industry standards.

Continuous quality control and improvement

We develop and manufacture pharmaceuticals and combination products in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements and industry practice. At Rechon, we base our quality policy on key elements:

    • Long-term relationships and confidence with customers
    • Continuous training of personnel
    • Regular monitoring of quality management system effectiveness, identifying improvements to implement relevant actions

Keys to Rechon’s qualitymanagementsystem

    • Good documentation practice
    • Change control system
    • Equipment/facility/utility/process/computer qualification/validation
    • Deviations management
    • Compliant handling
    • Internal/external Inspections
    • CAPA systems
    • Release of products
    • Product quality review
    • Management of suppliers and contractors
    • Quality risk management
    • Regulatory support

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Holistic sustainability mindset

Human health is dear to us. Through our work together with our suppliers, we contribute actively to improving of human health worldwide. And of course, we know that everything is connected. Humans depend on the earth and the earth depends on humans. So we recognize that sustainability is a comprehensive, complex goal.

Beyond our business

As a developer and producer of pharmaceuticals, Rechon Life Science strives to meet all future challenges in society, economy, and environment by working with sustainable development goals within and outside our business. Our aim is to create long-term value for customers, employees, and the society we all live in.

Recently, Rechon Life Science AB received an EcoVadis rating with status bronze.

EcoVadis is a holistic sustainability rating service for environment, social and ethical aspects the business conducts